Monday, June 22, 2009

Okay, let me get this straight (no pun intended), Perez Hilton, who is homosexual, got punched in the face for calling, who is straight, a "faggot". is in the group, The Black Eyed Peas, which is gay. So my question is, does this make a "faggot"? And if one is indeed a "faggot", would that be more offensive to be called a "faggot" or is it more offensive if you're not a proper "faggot" or if you're a "faggot" in sheep's clothing?

I'm sorry, but I just need a little clarity on who the "faggots" are, which "faggots" should do the punching and which "faggots" should be punched by other "faggots". But I'm pretty sure it's not ok to punch a "faggot" if you're not a "faggot".

One thing I am sure of is that one long haired guy in The Black Eyed Peas who does all the hoppy dancing for no apparent reason is definitely someone who you'd call a "faggot" if you are the kind of guy who calls people "faggots".

I wasn't even sure if "faggot" was an okay thing to say since I'm not a 6th grader on the playground anymore. Good thing I read this excerpt from the AP release on the incident. Cleared things right up. Hooray journalism!

Hilton, who is openly gay, said in interview with The Associated Press that he called a "faggot," a gay slur, inside the club after the musician told the blogger not to write about his band on his Web site.

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