Thursday, June 25, 2009

Paintings of Paintings

I've had numerous discussions in the past about how a good majority of early rap songs were basically about "rapping". As in The Sugarhill Gang: I'm rappin' to the beeeat!

As of late I've found new irritation in rock 'n roll songs about rock 'n roll. As an artist, you have to be in the midst of a serious creative block to turn to writing about your medium.

I love rock 'n roll
But it's still rock 'roll to me
It's a long way, to the top, if you wanna rock 'n roll
I know, it's only rock 'n roll, but I like it

And so forth and so on.

Of course, a similar argument could be made about meta-comedy. But there is much more grey in that arena. You can laugh at a comedian who is parodying mainstream comedy. You can laugh at a comedian who is so bad, so clueless to the fact, that it becomes meta-comedy, unbeknownst to the provider. Although now, meta or alternative comedy, is much more mainstream to the point that I would label it "modern comedy". Although in the end, it really just comes down to funny or not funny, depending on whether you base your judgement on audience reaction or critique as a connoiseur.

Although, a sculptor who simply presents a lump of untouched clay as a sculpture of "clay" might be declared a genius. In the 80's. When people wrote a plethora of rock 'n roll songs about rock n' roll. And there were comedians that people laughed at for being good then, that some of us laugh at for being bad now.

What I'm getting at is, we're living in a world of remix, repeat, remake, and sequel.

How incredible would it be if Transformers was a completely NEW idea, and not a toy/cartoon from back when?

Out of ideas, out of new stuff. Go ahead, let the money run out. Let the well run dry.

Recession is the time of invention. Maybe if more people would starve to death we wouldn't be so focused on making an My Little Pony movie, and someone would get a goddamn flying car made and a pill that would taste and feel like you just ate a delicious chicken dinner.

No, wait, that was on the Jetsons. Fuck.

Bring back the McRib,

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