Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Blew It With G.I. Joe

I love going to the movies when I have a weekday off. Going to a matinee by myself has basically become my new "going to church". My dad used to tell me, "You know Michael, I know you don't like going to mass, and frankly sometimes I don't necessarily want to sit there and listen to it either, but you have to appreciate it for the time to be alone with your thoughts and not have to answer a phone or to listen someone's bullshit at work."

And that's why I like crappy movies in the middle of the day. I just want to sit there and not think and watch giant robots shoot guns at each other, stuffing my face with butter in the center and butter on top popcorn, and have The Arclight's high standards of audio blow my eardrums out. I don't want to hear the preacher man fill my brain with what he thinks about the meaning of life. I have enough issues to worry about.

This week I saw The Hurt Locker. Which I really enjoyed, although the movie made me a bit shell shocked on my skateboard ride home. It was a bit more of a "thinker" than I usually pick, but I just wasn't in a G.I. Joe kinda mood for some reason.

After the movie, outside of theater, I realized the error of my ways.

The Hollywood Arclight had THIS on display!

Holy shit! There's a grey cargo van in G.I. Joe?! Fucking fuck I really fucked up and I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself. If I woulda known there was a sweetass plain grey van in the movie I'da been signed, sealed, delivered into that bad bitch! A-Team Van shmay team van. That plain grey van is the tits pajamas!

Must be why G.I. Joe was #1 at the box office with $56.2 Million over the weekend.

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