Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alabama's Revenge

Remember a few ticks back when I was going on about how my baby kitty, Alabama, is a real fucking cunt?

Well guess who's gonna be on the Jay Leno show?

That fucking cunt is.

That dirty little bitch is like, 3 months old, and is already gonna be on a primetime, network talk show.

I'm motherfucking 33-years old and have yet to be on any motherfucking thing! Even got taped for something but it got thrown in the trash. And that fucking cunt is...(sigh).

Plus, she won't tell me about it. Just a bunch of begging meows for food. Cunt is being all "no big deal" about it. Giving me that "dude, you must fucking SUCK at comedy" look. All, "I just got borned and lick my butt all day and try to eat your sandwich off the coffee table and guess who am gonna be on telly! Me is! Can't wait to bite your feet awake at 6am drunk daddy!"

You know. THAT look.

I hope she gets run over by one of Jay Leno's stupid Charlie Chaplin cars or whatever the fuck he has a thousand of.

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