Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glory of The Danger Zone

1986. My Dad took me to see Top Gun. At 10-years old, you can understand how I walked out of that theater with my mind thoroughly blown. Albeit, I could have done without sitting next to my Dad during the unnecessarily tongue heavy love scene. Some good old fashioned boobs or butt are fine next to pop, but just because Tom Cruise was trying to cement his faux masculinity doesn't mean I should have had my interest in women delayed by that obscene display.

But what I really took away from the film was the song Danger Zone.

I'd already been exposed to this Kenny Loggins guy in "midday matinee" viewings of Caddyshack and Footloose. (No cable, no VCR) Apparently, he did all the totally kickass songs for the movies.

But Danger Zone, well, the guy had really outdone himself this time. If there was ever a song to sing in your head while you're being drug on a skateboard behind a ten-speed with a rope attached to the seat, this was it.

That same weekend, my best friend's Dad took him to Karate Kid II even though he said he was going to see Top Gun as we had discussed. This meant that there would be numerous arguments as to which was the superior film.

And it also meant that HIS new favorite song was "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera.

I'm sure you can guess who turned out to be a real pussy.


(what the shit is Kenny doing in the make-out bed? with a camera? and why is he trying to make a song about airplanes into some hot fuck jam?)

(for extra fun, watch the peter cetera performance with the sound off. you just know he won't be able to get offstage fast enough so he can masturbate in the mirror.)

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