Monday, July 13, 2009

Guys' Night Advice Column #2: Models

It's the #2 edition of your #1 spot for hot guy on guy advice!

Dear Guys' Night,

First off, big fan.

Secondly, I got in troubs over the weekend when I took home a gal from the club who was WAY out of my league. Like, a total model. I attached a photo I took of her on my iPhizzo from that night if you don't believe me.

Easily the hottest babe I've ever scored. But, when we hopped into the sack, my, um, "equipment" wouldn't work properly. I'm only 26 and have never had this problem with any of the regular grossouts I usually bag. How can I make sure this doesn't happen again?! Helps!


-Almost Scored With A Model Bro!


That babe is slammin'!

Sounds like you have a confidence problem. That bangin' model was probably just a little intimidating and your junk got a bad case of the cut and run.

Here's an exercise that alot of my friends do that I think will help your sitch. Next time you're hanging out with your buddies watching the game, try to get the biggest erection you can in your pants. Then flop it out and make everyone look at it, bobbing it up and down, side to side and whatnot. See how long you can maintain your full member. Make a game out of it for fun and ask some of your buddies if they want to join in. $20 to the winner! Sex and boners shouldn't be so serious like they are when you're cuddling up with that fox. Then, next time you get lucky with a 10, you can just close your eyes in the sack and pretend you're with your friends, all waving hard dongs around and cutting up in the living room. That'll help take the edge off.

Thanks for reading and never quit shooting for the top of the tail pile!


Dear Guy's Night, My Axe Body Spray only seems to attract men. What's the best scent to get the panties dropped?


Dear Darryl,

Nothing wrong with making some new buds. Keep smellin' as is! Why are you trying to attract so many women? Do you want some more errands to run on the weekend or something?!


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